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  • Apparel Notes of fabric products such as T-shirts
  • Goods Notes of material products such as iPhone cases
The product image above may differ from the actual products in respect to the following.
Item color ApparelGoods

Item color
The item picture used for the product image above is using manufacturer photographs. However, there is a possibility that your monitor setup will show a difference from the actual color.
Also, if the manufacturer is different (even if they have the same color name) it may be a different color. please note it.
Please understand beforehand.

Characteristics of Ink-jet printing Apparel


Hoimi uses pigment ink for Ink-jet printing because it can be worn comfortably.
By that characteristic, the actual product is printed by the color that is similar to the texture (as shown in the pictures above).
Please note that it is different from printing techniques that put ink in the body, like silk screen.

Print color ApparelGoods

Print color
We are using pictures that were uploaded by the designer for the printing of products.
Therefore fluorescent colors may be contained in the product above.
A fluorescent color cannot be printed at the time of actual printing. It is changed to a similar color. The color of the products and the actual print color have the possibility of being different.
Please understand beforehand.

Girl's and Kid's Sizes Apparel

Girl's and Kid's Sizes

The print size and position of the product image above is arranged on the basis of Men's sizes.
Girl's and Kid's body proportions (Horizontal-Vertical ratio) are very different from Men's sizes.
At Hoimi we adjust the print size and position according to the above-mentioned differences. But compared to the product image above there is a possibility that some differences will arise.
Please understand beforehand.

XXL size Apparel

XXL size
About XXL size, the body size is larger than the printable range of machine. Therefore, there is a possibility that a print looks smaller than the sample image above. Please understand beforehand.

About the printing of material products ApparelGoods

Material products (iPhone cases, etc.) support printing in white ink. By the presence or absence of the output of white ink, There can be the impression that the finish is different between fabric and material products despite having the same design.
In addition, because of the ink difference please note that the impression and color of the finish is different from fabric products.

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