Privacy policy

MCS Inc. believes that personal information should be handled with care under the philosophy of respecting users information. We recognize that protecting your personal information is our social responsibility and the foundation of our business activities. We will protect personal information in accordance with the following policies.
  • We will only use your personal information for fair and proper business activities.
  • We comply with the personal information and protection law guidelines when we will deal with your personal information.
  • We provide safety measures and take corrective actions required against unauthorized access to personal information or loss, and alteration and leaks of personal information.

Handling of personal Information

Purpose of use of Personal Information

We will use the following information: Address, Phone number, Email address, Name, transaction history with us, or other personal information.
  • For: shipping by us and group companies, after-sales service, and announcements for information about new products and services.
  • For: sales activities from our company and our group companies

Provision of personal information

The personal information collected from our customers unless one of the following is true, are not provided to any third parties.
  • When based on Laws and regulations
  • When deemed necessary to prevent serious damage such as the loss of human life, body, and/or property
  • If the customer has pre-approved

Stop using, correction or contact about personal information

Please contact the following office about procedures or inquiries about personal information.
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