I'm not receiving emails from Hoimi.

If an email from Hoimi does not arrive at your email address please check the following.

 1 Hoimi Server error
If a system error has occurred during your order the system displays an error at that point. If you have not seen this the email has been successfully sent.
If an error message appeared please contact us from the " Contact us " page.
 2 In the spam mail folder
It is likely that it could be treated as spam by mistake in your email inbox. It frequently happens at web mail such as Yahoo!.
If you have not received an email please check the spam folder first.
 3 Email address error
If the two points above do not apply please check your email address again.
 4 Provider settings
Even if an email from Hoimi is sent correctly the reception of email may be interfered with by the provider settings. If so please try another email address.

If all of the above do not apply please contact Hoimi. Personnel will send an email to your address.

Can I buy in stores?

We apologize but products handled at Hoimi can be purchased only through our site.
However some designers may have merchandise for sale outside of Hoimi, please contact the designers directly.

What type of printer is used?

Hoimi products are printed using Ink-jet.
Some products may use other printing techniques. For more information about printing please refer to " Print and items ".

What types of items are carried?

For details of the items used in Hoimi please refer to " Print and items ".

Do you support printing in white ink?

Sorry, currently printing in white ink is not supported by Hoimi.

Do you have a mobile site?

We offer a site for mobile phones "Hoimi Mobile". Please buy from there using your phone.

Can I use a design that is registered with Hoimi?

All designs on Hoimi will be attributed to MCS Inc and each designer. Unauthorized use is prohibited.
If you wish to use a designers design please contact that designer. You must use with permission from the designer.

Can I see the original T-shirt before I buy?

All Hoimi products are made to order. So we do not carry product stock. Therefore you cannot see the actual product before purchase.
When purchasing please check the products thoroughly.

Can I change the print position and item color?

All of the products (Item color, Print location, etc.) are determined by the designer. We cannot change it.
If you wish to change the details, please contact each designer directly.

Are returns or exchanges accepted?

All Hoimi products are made to order. Except for the defective "Returns or exchanges that you caused" they cannot be accepted.
If Obvious defects in the products (defective item, or defective print) is observed or if different products are sent, we will accept a return or exchange.
In that case please contact us within eight days of delivery. Also if any of the following are true we might refuse any returned or exchanged products.

  • If you have worn the product(s).
  • Cleaned or changed product(s).
  • If you lose ancillary parts.
We strictly prohibit refusal of receipt of COD.
In such a case if you do not answer to us we may take legal action or ban the use of our site.
If you have no idea about this order itself please contact us.

If it does not fit me can I exchange?

In this case it applies the above "Returns or exchanges that you caused" we will not accept.
And this still applies if you mistook the color.
Please check the color and size before buying.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments you can select on Hoimi are PayPal (credit card), Bank transfer, COD (cash, debit card, or credit card).

Can I change the payment method?

If you would like to change the payment method after purchase, change is possible from your " My page ".
However if the order status is set to "Order confirmed" it is not possible to change the payment method. Please understand.
Also after paying with PayPal it is not possible to change the payment method.

Can you send me the confirmation email of bank transfer?

If we confirm that you have transfered to our bank we will send you a payment confirmation email to your email address. Payment after Friday afternoon will be confirmed in the next week. Please be forewarned.
If you did not receive a payment confirmation email, payment may be canceled by your wrong input. Please check that you have correctly sent the transfer (by the contact number of the bank transfer, or movement of bank balance).
Despite the payment being executed correctly if there is no contact from Hoimi please contact us.

Can I bring my own items to print?

We're sorry, we do not support such a service.

Can I use gift-wrapping services?

We offer several wrapping services.
Depending on the type of wrapping there are differences in the capacity and delivery methods.
Selection screen will appear in the middle of accounting. If you are interested please select the wrapping service.
In addition you may attach a card.

Is it possible to ship Internationally?

We can ship to more than 100 countries and regions abroad. For details please refer to " The Guide for International shipping ".

Can I check whether the place where I live is included in the outlying areas?

Outlying areas are subject to change.
If you would like to know in advance please put some products into your cart. Then proceed to the page of "Final Confirmation" and check there.

I am height **cm and weight **kg. Which size is best?

Your size will depend on your dressing ("tight clothes", "loose clothes" etc.). So we cannot suggest sizes individually.
We recommend measuring and comparing to T-shirts that you already own.

Please tell me how much stock **(product name) has.

At Hoimi we print after order confirmation. Therefore there is no product stock. The only stock is non printed T-shirts.
With regard to the confirmation of the stock status of each item and color when you put products into your cart, marks of "A - D" will appear. Please check there, or please refer to the list of "The size and color of the end" or "temporarily out of stock" in " Print and items ".

Can I receive my order in ** days?

At Hoimi we ship within 3 business days after the order was made excepting busy periods.
To determine the number of shipping days until the product arrives please see " Delivery days " in the User's guide.
In the case that you need a product in a hurry, if you have contacted us we will correspond to the extent possible. In that case if you have satisfied the following conditions faster delivery is possible.
In addition we cannot accept individual support such as express delivery.

 1 Products stock condition is all "A"
If there is no stock at Hoimi we must obtain more from the manufacturer. In that case it takes extra time to ship, about 1-2 days.
 2 Payment method other than bank transfer
If you wish to pay by bank transfer it will take some time to confirm the payment. Therefore it may take more time to ship.
 3 Select normal shipping in delivery method
Mail-shipping takes days to arrival compared to normal shipping. When in a hurry please refrain.

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