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Ink-jet printing
We can print digital data directly to T-shirts because we use a large printer for clothes. We use this for almost all Hoimi products. Because it is suitable for expressing the designer's variegated demand.
Hoimi is using the same printer used by front-line apparel manufacturers. Because pigment inks are used the printed side is not stiff and the surface is smooth.
Ink-jet printing has become the main method of printing because of its ease of use, but there are some points that we should note.
1. Printing on dark-colored bodies
First, when printing on dark-colored bodies (Black, Navy blue, Brown etc.), the color of ink is overwhelmed by the color of the body and the ink color does not appear.
There are ink-jet printers that use white ink but our printers do not support that right now.
2. Speed of printing
Secondly the speed of ink-jet printing is slightly inferior to silk screen printing. When washing it many times, it will become accustomed to the fabric colors.
3. Cost of printing
Finally there is a cost problem. For productivity, Ink-jet printing is inferior to past printing techniques. In other words time and effort are large for each product.
For that reason Ink-jet printing is usually expensive. But we are selling it for a low price.
As described above Ink-jet printing is printing by colors familiar to the body .
It is different from printing types that put ink on the body like silk screen. Therefore it is affected by the background color of the body.
Therefore those who have the image of a silk screen printing might feel that its color is thin. However it is a characteristic of Ink-jet. Please note it.
Discharge printing
Discharge printing is the technique of removing the color from the body by printing a special chemical.
However this print can't make the body completely white. This print is chiefly used as an underlay to put an ink-jet print on deep colored bodies.
But The color of an Ink-jet print becomes a sinking color and gets a slightly yellowish tint because this print can't be made completely white.
Moreover the ink must be washed before shipping.
For that reason it doesn't treat in Hoimi.
Other processing
At Hoimi the following prints and the decorations might be done.
1. Silk screen print
It is the most standard print technique and has excellent color fastness. It isn't used at Hoimi because we adopted on demand printing.
2. Rhinestone
Ink that is placed directly on the fabric, we do not use this technique at Hoimi.

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