Thank you very much for your interest in Hoimi designer recruitment -design T-shirts Market-.

Hoimi has a concept " All for Designer, Powered by Designer". Our goal is to send designers who are participating in Hoimi to the world stage.
Therefore at Hoimi we are recruiting many high-level designers from Japan and from around the world.
Moreover we are preparing original systems for users to happily participate in, such as a designer's rank system and a FAN page function. We always use trial and error so that Hoimi is a comfortable space for designers.
Designers who want to join Hoimi, be sure to read the following content and please apply from the Application form after attaching your own designs or a URL that has published your designs.

Sales method outline

Each of the designers will work with their own brand on Hoimi. The products will be sold as your Brand products.
The only thing you must do is upload your design and input the necessary information for the product (product description, price, color, etc.). All of the services, item stock, print, and delivery etc., will be done by Hoimi.
Designers can sell their own T-shirt designs without dealing with product inventory .
All of the rights of the uploaded design belong to the designer.
Moreover we pay sales remuneration monthly according to the rank based on designer's sales performance (designer's rank system).

Designer registration flow

Member registration

First please register as a new member on Hoimi.
The contents of member registration are the same as that of the general user's.
The email address and password you registered at this time will be the login ID and password of the designer.

Designer application

Please send after inputting the necessary information into the designer Application form .
At that time please enter the email address entered at the time of member registration .
Moreover we need a site URL which exhibits your work or one or more work images .


After you apply Hoimi staff will examine your work.
The examination will usually take about 1-3 working days.
Please refer to the review standards and other guidelines below.

Registration completion email

After the examination we will send an email to designers that we wish to participate in Hoimi.
Sorry we can not send emails to people who did not pass the examination.

Registration of new brands

  • Brand name and Designer name
  • Brand logo (More than 400 pixel (either horizontally and vertically) / JPG)
  • Brief description of the brand concept (about 200 words)
  • Brand site or blog URL (optional)

When you log into Hoimi you can enter a Designers page.
In that page you can create a new brand.
The right data is needed for Brand registration.


  • Please register the design along with the direction of the your brand that you want to sell on Hoimi.
  • We cannot return your illustrations or work.
  • We immediately erase your work and data after examination, we do not use it
    for any purpose other than examination.
  • If you are a photographer, photographs are OK. In addition if it can printed on a T-shirt anything is okay.
  • Please note that designers who only attach one design will have a harder screening process, because it will be difficult to judge the work. .
  • Sorry, we cannot send an email to people who did not pass the examination.

We examine whether the design level expected from Hoimi designers is met and the design direction between the designer and Hoimi aligns .

After reading the information to the right, please attach the work picture (at least 1 design) which you have designed or please enter the URL of your published work . Afterwards please apply from the Application form .

Designer's rank

  • The reward amount will be raised significantly.
  • Your designs will come to be displayed on a higher rank within each category.
  • Your brand will come to be displayed on a higher rank in the Brand ranking.

You will get a rank from S-F based on the sales performance of the previous month.
If the rank becomes high there are merits, like the list to the right describes.
Once a new rank is gained you will have it for two months from the rank up month.
If you continue to earn ranking points needed to keep the rank for the next month, one month will be added to the time that you get to keep your rank.

Points based on the selling price is set for each product.
If you collect the points in a fixed quantity within that month the rank will rise in the next month. It is also possible to rise two or more ranks in 1 month (Jumping up). Please aim to "Jump up" more and more.
Moreover the required points to keep the rank is also set for each rank.
If you do not reach the point keeping rank before the deadline, your rank will go down from the previous month.
Losing a rank, you can only go down one rank at a time. Please do not worry.
Moreover if you won in a designer competition that was held by Hoimi you can gain large quantities of points.

Sales remuneration and payments

  • Paypal

  • Mitsubishi UFJ Bank

  • Rakuten Bank

  • Japan Net Bank

Based on the designer's rank 20%-60% of the amount of money which is subtracted from the base price of each item by the selling price of products (without tax) will be your sales remuneration.

Moreover you can freely choose the selling price of products within the specified range (Double-sided printing has a pricing limit).

We will transfer your sales remuneration to your designated bank or PayPal account.
If you live abroad and you don't have a bank account in Japan, you can receive compensation through PayPal (Please create a PayPal account in advance).
Payment date will be the 10th business day of each month, or the nearest day after .
You can confirm the monthly detailed payment date in the Designer page.
All designers must preset the minimum payment amount in advance. If your sales remuneration exceeds that amount at the end of the month, we will transfer your sales remuneration.
If you could not reach that amount at the end of the month the renumeration will be carried over to the next month.
When we transfer we must deduct 10.21% of the amount of transferred money as tax withholding.
In addition the transfer fee will be borne by the designer .
In addition if you have a bank account as specified by Hoimi, the transfer fee will be cheaper than other banks.
The designated bank accounts are on the right.
If you selected PayPal Hoimi does not take a commission fee, but the fee is subtracted by PayPal from your account.

Monthly remuneration decisions and rank changes

Decision of the monthly remuneration and the changing of your rank are decided by a system at the end of every month .
The payment of remuneration on the 10th of the next month is decided by the minimum transfer amount setup at that time.
Designer's ranks will move up and down based on acquisition points.
We will contact you by email about compensation amounts and changes of rank after it has been confirmed.

Reduction of compensation and the decision of sales

Designer's sales record and sales remuneration will be reported when shipping to the customer has been completed.
At the time of the customer's order it is not displayed on the designer's sales record . Please be careful.
In addition when unexpected situations (Denial of receipt of customer etc.) occur the amount of remuneration may be reduced.
In that case we will send an email about the reduction.

Design registration and some advising points

  • Designs that violate public policy
  • Designs which do not meet the directivity and the standards of Hoimi
  • Designs that may not print on a dark body color because of pale colors used.
  • Designs whose print size and print position are arranged out of the printable range.
  • Designs which do not fit the quality of printing ( Jaggy or Indistinct etc.)
  • Designs with unnecessary margins (untrimmed design)
  • Designs that contain elements that infringe on others copyright, etc. at first glance.
  • Same designs for only the purpose of increasing the number of products.
  • Filled-in data (product description etc.) has defects.
  • There is an element which we ask to change in the data and design.

Designers who passed examination and finished brand registration can do new product registration from the designer page.
Hoimi staff check the design and the data entered by the designer.
We will check for cases such as mentioned on the right.

Please note the possibility of copyright infringement .
At Hoimi copyright infringements are not judged except for designs which can clearly see the problem at first glance. Because the approval of the design is made in large quantities per day and because it is very difficult to distinguish from parody .
Moreover if trouble has occurred among the copyright holders, it must be solved directly among the copyright owner and the designer. Hoimi will not be involved .
If you want to apply a parody design, please apply after understanding the above.

When there is the element applicable to the right precautions the approval of the design may pend.
At the time of the sales starting or approval pending, Hoimi will contact you by email.
Even after the design has been approved from Hoimi, design duty belongs to the designer.

Other matters

  1. Hoimi has adopted Ink-jet printing. However white ink is not currently used .
    Therefore you can not use some dark-colored bodies.
  2. If you did not pass the examination, you can retry any number of times. However you'll need to apply with different designs each time.
  3. Content described in these guidelines and the system for which you use after registration always has the possibility of being changed.
    In the future we would like to seek a fun and easy-use content through change. Please understand it.
  4. Designer's page that is available after the completion of the designer registration is recommended to be used on a PC. (Jan, 2014 Currently).
    If you are using from a smart phone, there is a possibility that some parts will be difficult to use.

We explained the designer registration and sales flow at Hoimi.
If you have any questions please ask from .
Also if you have any requests, please do not hesitate to ask because we would like to actively improve.
After reading this if you want to join Hoimi after the New member registration , please contact us from the Application form . Thank you.

We look forward to your applications!

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