Competition Partners Wanted

competition partner wanted

From the outstanding designers chosen only high-level designs will be gathered.

Because of our design review system regardless of the designers being professional or amateurs many excellent designers are gathered at Hoimi.
Therefore the designs entered in the competition will be of high quality.
In fact we have received words of surprise and appreciation from clients.

You can hold competitions at a very low cost.

The main purpose is to raise the motivation of designers and to grow the designers records. Therefore you can hold at a low price including all prize money and misc. expenses.
Non-cash prizes such as gifts and related goods are also available as prizes.
However if the prize amount is larger, designers will be more enthusiastic and more work will be submitted.

Advance preparation is not required! You can hold a competition after three weeks at the earliest.

You can decide the theme and please provide any necessary materials and information if needed. Nothing else needs to be prepared in addition.
Hoimi will create a page for the competition and some banners.
The design acceptance period will be two weeks at the earliest. You can hold it in three weeks at the earliest including the preparation period, etc.

We can also support your new products and business promotion through using the Hoimi site.

In addition to the normal competition page, you can also post ads, banner images, etc. in various places on Hoimi.
You can appeal your business products and your company through using Hoimi.
(You will need an additional cost. Preparation period will be longer than usual. )

You can utilize for sales products and promotional goods.

After the competition it is possible to sell the winning design on Hoimi and the EC site you have.
Because the printing is done by Hoimi you can sell without having any inventory.
In addition, you can use it for a variety of applications such as use and distribution in the event of promotional items.

Flow of competitions
compe's flow

The above is the flow of normal competition.
All the things that the client must do are decide an overview of the competition, the provision of materials, and to examine the designs.
Acceptance period of designs is about two weeks at the earliest. Usual competition period from the preparation will be three weeks before and after at the shortest.
Also other than the usual competition, we can respond to various types of competitions such as selected designers competition, two-stage method competition.

  • More than one competition is being held at the same time already, or in the case of schedules there are times when it cannot be held.
  • If the holding period overlaps, we might need a lot more preparation time than usual.
  • If you would like a competition that requires changes to the system, additional charges will be incurred.
Competition Image
Competitions announcement page

We will announce the contents of the competition in the designer viewing area.
The page will be created by Hoimi.

  • 1If we have reports of competitions or the subject of competitions, we will announce them to designers.
  • 2We will explain detailed data, the rules and theme of the competition.
  • 3We will show information (prize, how to join, schedule, etc.).
    In addition, when there is material for the competition, you can receive here.
Competition page

This is the main page of the competition to carry out promotions and announcement of the competition winners.
We can direct many users to this page by the banner at the top of the page, etc.

  • 1We will introduce the theme and the flow of the competition.
    If you want to promote something in the competition (such as new products and services), we will advertise here.
  • 2Here we will present the winning design from the competition.

By the banner of each page we will do promotions and introduction to the competition page.
In addition, we can respond to change a part of the image of our site for the promotion and competition (additional charges may be incurred).

* The picture is an image. It may differ from the actual competition.
Competition history
BLOODYBUNNY T-shirts Design Competition
  • Client / Bloody Bunny Production committee
  • Holding period    / 2012.08
  • Best prize 1/ Excellent prize 4

Joint competition with "Bloody Bunny", a popular anime from Thailand.
There was a large number of pop and cool designs. The clients were very pleased.

Results announcement page
Hoimi Official T-shirts Design Competition
  • Client / Hoimi
  • Holding period    / 2012.04
  • Best prize 1/ Excellent prize 2/ Good prize 5

To participate in "T-shirts Love summit" held and organized by Hoimi.
By not deciding a particular theme the designer's personality and skills stood out. It was a competition that we felt again showed the skills of Hoimi designers.
Winning works were displayed and sold at the T-shirts Love summit 2012.

Results announcement page
La Sorciere T-shirt design competition
  • Client / Mushi Production
  • Holding period    / 2012.03
  • Best prize 1/ Excellent prize 2/ Good prize 3

Joint competition with Mushi Production that was founded by Osamu Tezuka teacher. The theme is "La Sorciere", published in 1973.
A work of intense and vivid art. Hoimi designer's challenge against it was very impressive.
Winning works were displayed at the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012.

Results announcement page
N.Y.SALAD - Hoimi T-shirt Design Competition
  • Client / N.Y.SALAD
  • Holding period    / 2011.11
  • Best prize 1/ Excellent prize 4

Joint competition with "N.Y. SALAD" from illustrator Amano Yoshitaka who is famous for the character design of the Final Fantasy series.
Numerous playful designs were collected while taking advantage of the delicate touch of the characters.

Results announcement page
Fountain Music festival savejapan T-SHIRTS DESIGN COMPETITION
  • Client / Fountain Music
  • Holding period    / 2011.04.11~25
  • Awards / Gold 1/Silver 1/Bronze 1

Joint competition with Hoimi that commemorates the club event CHARTER THE TOP NUMBER of (2011.05.07 @ Daikanyama UNIT).
Excellent work was sold at the event and on the Hoimi site.
Numerous graphical and beautiful designs were collected with the theme "Beautiful save Japan".

Results announcement page
Qwaser of stigma 2 - Hoimi T-shirt Design Competition
  • Client / Qwaser of stigma 2 Production Committee
  • Holding period    / First season 2011.04.08~11
                        Second season 2011.04.11~18
  • Awards / Best prize 1/ Excellent prize 6

Joint T-shirt competition commemorating the start of the TV anime "Qwaiser of Stigmata2" . Excellent work was sold at the cafe "Qwaiser of Stigmata2" for a limited time during the opening. In spite of the short holding period, high-level designs were collected.

Results announcement page
Event History of other competitions etc.
  • Design totebag competitioncompe
    Design totebag competition
    Sponsored by Hoimi
  • SAVE KUMAMOTOcharity
    Sponsored by Hoimi
  • Air Team Design Competitioncompe
    Air Team Design Competition
    Sponsored by Hoimi
  • CafeCrossPoint x Hoimi Tshirts Design Competitioncompe
    CafeCrossPoint x Hoimi Tshirts Design Competition
    Sponsored by Cafe Cross Point
  • SAVE NEPALcharity
    Sponsored by Hoimi
  • Niceshot! Design GolfBall Competitioncompe
    Niceshot! Design GolfBall Competition
    Sponsored by Hoimi
    Sponsored by Hoimi
  • SAVE SERBIAcharity
    Sponsored by Hoimi
  • GOGO Bunch vs Hoimi 23 Round Bout Competitioncompe
    GOGO Bunch vs Hoimi 23 Round Bout Competition
    Sponsored by 新潮社GOGOバンチ編集部
  • Pair T-shirts with baby competition 2014compe
    Pair T-shirts with baby competition 2014
    Sponsored by Hoimi/アドビシステムズ
  • Save The Philippinescharity
    Save The Philippines
    Sponsored by Hoimi
  • iPhone5/5S Pair-case Competition 2013compe
    iPhone5/5S Pair-case Competition 2013
    Sponsored by Hoimi
  • Hoimi Official T-shirts Design Competition 2013compe
    Hoimi Official T-shirts Design Competition 2013
    Sponsored by Hoimi
  • BLOODYBUNNY T-shirtsDesignCompetition2compe
    BLOODYBUNNY T-shirtsDesignCompetition2
    Sponsored by BLOODY BUNNY制作委員会
  • BLOODYBUNNY T-shirtsDesignCompetitioncompe
    BLOODYBUNNY T-shirtsDesignCompetition
    Sponsored by BLOODY BUNNY制作委員会
  • Hoimi Official T-shirts Design Competitioncompe
    Hoimi Official T-shirts Design Competition
    Sponsored by MCS株式会社
  • OUR PROBLEM essentialcharity
    OUR PROBLEM essential
    Sponsored by Hoimi
  • La sorciere T-shirt design competitioncompe
    La sorciere T-shirt design competition
    Sponsored by 虫プロダクション
  • Mixi community We love Tennis! x Hoimi T-shirts Design Competitioncompe
    Mixi community We love Tennis! x Hoimi T-shirts Design Competition
    Sponsored by テニス大好き!イベント実行委員会
  • N.Y. SALAD T-shirts Design Competitioncompe
    N.Y. SALAD T-shirts Design Competition
    Sponsored by N.Y.SALAD製作委員会
  • Qwaser of Stigma 2 T-shirts Design competitioncompe
    Qwaser of Stigma 2 T-shirts Design competition
    Sponsored by 聖痕のクエイサーⅡ制作委員会
  • Fountain Music Festival SAVE JAPAN T-shirts Design competitioncompe
    Fountain Music Festival SAVE JAPAN T-shirts Design competition
    Sponsored by Fountain Music
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