Terms of Use

Scope and change of Terms

These Terms will apply to participants who use services operated by MCS inc.

Definition of the user

"User" is a person who sees our page, uses our services or makes a purchase. If you use the services you will be deemed to have accepted the User Agreement.

Changing and accepting of Terms

We can change this agreement without obtaining the prior consent of the user. The user must acknowledge this. We can announce the change to the user at anytime.

Use of services

The user can use this service according to the instructions prescribed by this agreement.
  • The user must have responsibility for information and services that are sent by this service. We will not allow any solicitors or damages.
  • Related to the use of this service, if the user causes damages or disputes to other users, right holders, or others, the user must solve using his own expenses and responsibility. We prohibit us being involved.
  • The use of this service requires the consent of the parents if the user is a minor.
  • User privacy will rely on our Privacy policy .

User registration

If this is the users first time using these services, they may register.
The user must enter the correct data in the registration form and send it to our site. At that time the user must not make any false declarations.
As a rule user registration is once per person. In addition we may not approve the registration in cases such as "Terms of Use violation in the past", "Suffered the removal of the member registration in the past", "Contained matters of false in the registration".
When the address, name, phone number and other information change, the user must promptly report the changes to us.

Management of ID and password

The user makes use of this service by using the ID and password issued by himself or us. The user will bear all responsibility for its use and management.
Unauthorized use, damages, falsification, and tampering by third parties, is the responsibility of the user holding the user ID. We are not liable.

Stopping the use of service or canceling of registration

Users who we deemed inappropriate will lose access to our services, or have their registration canceled without prior notice to the user.
  • Users who had their registration canceled by violating terms in the past
  • Users who had payments to our service default
  • Users who violated Article 7 (prohibitions)
  • Other users who violated our Terms


The user must not do any of the following acts when using this service.
  • Acts that use services and information provided on our site without our prior consent.
  • Registration of false content
  • Acts that interfere with our services or acts that may.
  • Illegaly using credit cards in our services
  • Illegaly using the information of third parties
  • Illegal use of user ID and passwords
  • Acts that violate the trademark, copyright, and the privacy rights of others or of us. Or acts that may.
  • Immoral acts and other acts which are or may be contrary to the law
  • The act of tampering with the information provided from our services
  • The act of writing or sending harmful computer programs
  • All acts that are considered inappropriate for our services


Copyright or trademark rights and other intellectual property rights of all images and designs that appear on this site belong to MCS Inc, or the legitimate right holder. Users are prohibited from violating these rights.

Transfer of rights

Users should not transfer the right to offer this service.

Purchase of products

Users can purchase products using this service. If the user wishes to purchase products, please purchase in accordance with procedures specified by us.


Payments and means in this service shall comply with the forms of each product and user's guides.
Users who pay by credit card will be subject to separate terms between the user and the card company.
Also if the user had trouble among the credit card companies it shall be resolved between the parties. We are not responsible.

Returns or exchanges of products

Within eight days from the arrival of the product(s), returns or exchanges are accepted for defective products or if the product(s) that arrived are not the product(s) that were ordered.
If there is a disclaimer on the product you must comply with it. Returns or exchanges are not accepted in the following cases.
  • Products that have been used
  • Products that have been in your possession for 8 days
  • Products that were mended or cleaned by the customer
  • Products without tags or seals etc.

Stopping of services

In our management of this service we can modify or terminate services without prior notice to users in the following cases.
If the user was damaged by the change or discontinuation of the service we are not responsible.
  • When we require regular maintenance and emergency maintenance for the system.
  • When system administration becomes difficult due to a fire, blackout, or sabotage.
  • When system administration becomes difficult due to natural disasters.
  • All other cases that we determine.


We will handle the affairs according to the contents of the user's registration and shall be exempted.
If we are obliged to inform we will send an email to the registered email. For the delivery of products we will deliver the products to the destination directed by the user. we consider the obligations fulfilled by those.
Excepting what is provided in this agreement and User's guide we are not responsible for damages resulting from what we are not responsible, disability arising from Special circumstances, and the loss of users based on the claim for damages by third parties, and so on.
In the use of this service if a problem occurs between the user or any third party it must be resolved among themselves, we are not responsible.


As a rule the contact method between us and users will be by email or telephone.


Because of non-payment and other violations if we need a lawyer to collect a claim, legal fees must be paid by the responsibility of the user.

Agreement jurisdictional court

If a dispute arises between the user and us, we will endeavor to resolve in good faith. If we need a trial our agreed jurisdictional court will be the Tokyo District Court.

Governing law

The interpretation of this Agreement is governed by the laws applicable for Japan.

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