Hoimi will support designers
Through the sale of apparel goods including T-shirts "Design T-shirts Market Hoimi (http://hoimi.jp) " has a concept of supporting designers or those want to be a designer.
There are high hurdles to becoming a famous designer. Also in Japan the designers name does not commonly appear. So few people can become famous designers.

Design is universal. So words are not needed.
Our designers take the world stage and to provide a lot of chances is the wish and the mission of Hoimi.

We are looking for new designers.
We don't request design and business experience. However we require your work images (at least one) or a URL where your work has been published.
Designer's guide is available below. After reading this guide please fill out the form with the necessary information.
If we want you to participate as a designer we will contact you by email.
Unfortunately, if you are not chosen we will not send you an email.
Then we will wait for you!

Competition history

At Hoimi we often hold competitions by planning with companies and groups.
When the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Philippines typhoon occurred, we launched a charity project with designers.

The only qualification is to be a Hoimi designer (* The qualifications sometimes may have limited competition).
The Winning designers can get "Designer's points" needed to rank up in Hoimi, in addition to prizes and money.

Media Coverage History
T V Japan Hoimiデザイナー様がNHKおはよう日本に取り上げられ、Hoimiもインタビューを受けました。
2015.04 WEB Japan はぢめてのドキドキスリーブパッケージCOMPETITIONが、YOMIURI ONLINEに掲載されました。
WEB Japan ~ゴルフボールと秋の空~ NiceShot!! デザインコンペが、ゴルフ情報サイトGEWに掲載されました。
2014.07 Book Japan ゴーゴーバンチVSHoimi「ガチンコ!!23番勝負」コンペ入賞23デザインが、 ゴーゴーバンチvol.4に掲載されました。
2014.06 T V Japan セルビア洪水被害チャリティー SAVE SERBIAが、TBS系NEWS23にて取り上げられました。
2014.06 WEB Japan ゴーゴーバンチVSHoimi「ガチンコ!!23番勝負」コンペが、 Yahoo!ニュース に掲載されました。
2014.05 WEB Japan ゴーゴーバンチVSHoimi「ガチンコ!!23番勝負」コンペが、 コミックナタリーに掲載されました。
2014.04 WEB Japan Pair design competition with baby has been published in Yahoo! News (Sponsored by Adobe Systems Inc.)
2012 WEB Japan Published in Paypal Crip
2011 Book Japan Published in Hokuriku Labor banks magazine "Roukin Voice"
2011 WEB Japan Published in Brand Interview of "Tokyo T-shirt section"
---- WEB USA Published in Queness - 30 Beautiful and Inspiring Website Headers
---- WEB USA Published in GrandmasterB dot com - Wandering Thoughts of a Graphical Assassin 26 Creative Approaches to Header Design
---- WEB USA Published in CSS Gallery | Your Blazing Web 2.0 Inspiration
---- WEB Romania Published in Design your way - One step ahead in graphics Weekly 30 inspirational websites #10
---- WEB USA Published in CSSelite.com - CSS Gallery ≫ Showcasing the best in CSS web design and development.
---- WEB Italy Published in CssGlance - Css gallery, examples and webdesign resources
---- WEB France Published in CSS Gallery, Showcase of beautiful Web Design CssLeak.com

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